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Slownik Geograficzny Translation


Brzóstkowo, Brzostków, manor, powiat of Września, 1,574 meters in extent, 3 places: 1) Brzóstkowo, 2) the grange Konstancin, 3) Góry; 20 houses, 223 inhabitants, 2 Lutherans, 221 Catholics, 88 illiterate. A parish church in the deanery of Nowe Miasto; a filial church in Lgów. A post office and railroad station in Żerków 4 kilometers away; the parish church was surely founded by the Brzostkowskis. In the 22nd (sic! XXII) century the lords were the Poturzyks, Domiechowskis, Ponińskis. Antoni Poniński, the starosta of Kopanica, a member of the education commission, rests in the cemetery. The church has no monuments from the past. The filial church in Lgów was a separate parish until the 18th century. Brzóstkowo is the property of A. Grabski.  M. St.


Source: Slownik Geograficzny Królestwa Polskiego - Warsaw [1895, vol. 14, pp. 780-782]


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