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Słownik Geograficzny Translations


Dawidhorodok, An ancient settlement on islands along the Horynia river (above the Nieprawda river), along the trade route between Mozyrza and Pinsk. Today it is a town and estate located in the western part of the Mozyr powiat (district) within the 3rd Police precinct, 3rd court precinct, 3rd military precinct of Turowski about 160 verst from Mozyr. From 1586, the town belonged to the Radziwill family which was given to them by Zygmunt August. For a period of time the town belonged to the Kleck precinct, however, in 1875 it was included in the Nieswieskiej precinct. After the Minsk gubernia was established in 1795 the town was governed until 1796 as a Russian powiat (district). The Catholic church named “Holy Body” was established in 1624 and paid for by Jan Radziwill. The Catholic deanery of Pinsk has 1446 members, with a parish in Turow and chapels in Kozangródek and Lachow. There are about 4000 inhabitants who are gardeners producing vegetables, who prepare dried fish that are plentiful, tending the fields and are famous for leather shoemaking. The estate has 6860 meters of land. It is famous for Olive gardens, its good earth and good climate.


Source: Słownik Geograficzny Królestwa Polskiego - Warsaw [1881, vol. 2, pg. 914]


This translation, by Donald A. Szumowski, is used by permission.

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