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Słownik Geograficzny Translations


1.) a village in the Przemysl district; it is situated 12 km to the north of Przemysl; 9.4 km to the southwest of Radymno; 2 km to the northeast of Kosienice. The major estate has 346 morga of farmland, 70 of meadows and gardens, 6 of pastureland, 143 of forest. The minor estate has 284 morga of farmland, 30 of meadows and gardens, 12 of pastureland, 1 of forest. Inhabitants: 50 Roman Catholics, 228 Greek Catholics, 70 Jews. Total number of inhabitants: 348. The village belongs to the Roman-Catholic parish in the village of Kosienice; and to the Greek-Catholic parish in the village of Zamiechow. The village is very old. Hungarian historical documents (donatives) from the year of 1383 reference the name of Dmytrowice. The major estate is the property of a woman whose name is Salomea Runge (her maiden name is Rozborska).


2.) a village in the Lwow district which is situated 272 metres above the sea level; 14 km to the southeast of Lwow; 5 km to the southeast of the post office in Winniki. The Roman-Catholic parish located in Czyszki; the Greek-Catholic parish loco; 87 houses; 469 inhabitants; the manorial estate has 381 morga of farmland, 114 of meadows and gardens, 68 of pastureland; peasants have 494 morgs of farmland, 158 of meadows and gardens, 76 of pastureland; there  is a one-class elementary school and a gmina loan society with the capital of 1.605 Polish zloty; the village belongs to Count Wladyslaw Borkowski.


3.) Dmytrowice ~ Łoś; a village in Mościska district, situated at the stream called Wisznia; 3.8 km to the south of Sądowa-Wisznia; 18 km to the southeast of Mościska; the major estate has 293 morgs of farmland, 167 of meadows and gardens, 47 of pastureland, 393 of forest; the minor estate has 764 morga of farmland, 102 of meadows and gardens, 70 of pastureland, 30 of forest; inhabitants: 120 Roman Catholics, 862 Greek Catholics (the inhabitants of the neighboring hamlets of  Koniuszki, Zarzecze, Kąt, Zagrody are included), 47 Jews; total number of inhabitants: 1029; the village belongs to the Roman-Catholic parish in Sądowa Wisznia, the Greek-Catholic parish loco; the village belongs to the deanery of Sądowa-Wisznia; the village of Dydiatycze (530 persons) and the village of Kułmatyce (223 persons) belong to the Greek Catholic parish in Dmytrowice; there is an elementary school with one teacher in the village; the major estate belongs to Countess Walerya Łoś who is married to Count Łączyński.


Source: Słownik Geograficzny Królestwa Polskiego - Warsaw [1881, vol. 2, p.44]


This translation, by Jaromir Iwanciow, is used by permission.

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