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Słownik Geograficzny Translations

Dołobów (now Dolobuv, Ukraine)

Dołobów, Dołubów, a village, in the county of Rudki, it lies near the river Strwiąż, about 3 kilometers on the west of the Strwiąż outlet to the Dniestr, about 7.5 kilometers south of Rudki, in a lowly, wetly, swampy area, about 4 kilometers west of the governmental guest house hosting (officials) from Rudki to Sambor.  Expanse of the major estate: cultivable farmland 105, meadows and gardens 1,048, pastureland 32, forests 818; the minor estate:  cultivable farmland 232, meadows and gardens 22, pastureland 82, forest 13 mórgi.  Population of 95 Roman Catholics, 165 Greek Catholics and 13 Jews:  Total 273.  It belongs to the Roman Catholic parish in Rudki, the Greek Catholic parish in Nowosiołki Gościnne.  In the village is a savings association with company funds of 92 Rhenish Złoty.  The owner of the major estate is Ludwik Skrzyński.  In order to divert the Dniestr waters from Koniuszki, where it formerly united with the Strwiąż at a right angle, a canal was carved (dug) through the Sambor mud.  This canal, known as the Dołubów, begins from Hordynia and returns again to the Dniestr near the Dołubów (canal), encompassing a span of around 5,000 sążeń, but not completely effected either with purpose or expectations. Admittedly, with its help it succeeded, in diverting (water) out of the Dniestr channel from Koniuszki and averted a perpendicular connection built around this river. When (the waters of) this canal lead to an outlet in the level valley and its waters flowed toward the lower territory, a point which formerly was not accessible even during the highest flood, today stands under water from the overflowing Dniestr. Bolesław Rozwadowski, Wielka Polska


Source: Słownik Geograficzny Królestwa Polskiego - Warsaw [1881, vol. 2, p. 108]


This translation, by Anthony Paddock, is used by permission.

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