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Słownik Geograficzny Translations


Jaśkowo (1) a manor house in the Środa district, 2420 acres (morgs), 11 houses, 211 people, 6 protestant, 205 catholic, 102 illiterate. The post office was in Kórnik 6 kilometers away. The train station was in Środa 9 kilometers away. The town belonged to the honorable Zygmunt Czarnecki who lived in Rusku. (2) a manor house in the Śrem district 3154 acres (morgs) 15 houses, 211 people, all catholic, 68 illiterate. The post office and the train station were in Czempin 15 kilometers away. Everything belonged to Emil Szoldrski.


Source: Słownik Geograficzny Królestwa Polskiego - Warsaw [1882, vol. 3, p.487]


Submitted by Joseph F. Martin. Translated by Malgorzata Biela. Used by permission.

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