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Słownik Geograficzny Translations


Jasienowce, a village on the Serwecz river; in the Wilejka district; 3 administrative precincts; the village is situated 66 versts from Wilejka; there are 10 houses; 68 Roman Catholic residents (1866).


Jasienowce (also called: Jasionowce, Jasieniowce; Jasieniwci in Ukrainian), a village in the Złoczów district; it is situated 3 km to the west of the railway station, of the post office and of the district court in Złoczów. There is a place called Chilczyce in the north, the city of Złoczów in the east, the village of Zalesie in the south, the village of Lackie Małe in the west; water in the southern area of the village flows into the Złota Lipa river; water in the northern area flows into the Bug river; in both cases these are only insignificant streams; the southern area is covered in forest; the northern area is covered in farmland and pastureland which is wet. A road and the Archduke Karol Ludwik Railway route part the village; the road is called gościniec lwowsko-złoczowski and it goes from the west to the east; there is an Orthodox church by the roadside of this gościniec (in the southern part of the road); there are farm buildings farther south. The major estate has 131 morgs of farmland, 20 of meadows and gardens, 2 of pastureland, 288 of forest. The minor estate has 548 morgs of farmland, 251 of meadows and gardens, 9 of pastureland. The census of 1880 records 613 residents of the commune and 5 residents in the manorial area; the list of officials (szematyzm) prepared in the year of 1881 records 160 Roman Catholics and 381 Greek Catholics. The village belongs to the Roman-Catholic parish in Złoczów; the Greek-Catholic parish loco; the deanery of Złoczów; the archdiocese of Lwów; Greek Catholics who inhabit the village of Zalesie belong to the same parish. There is an Orthodox church and a school building (szkoła filialna).


Source: Słownik Geograficzny Królestwa Polskiego - Warsaw [1882, vol. 3, p.478]


This translation, by Jaromir Iwanciow, is used by permission.

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