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Stare Biskupice

In the year 1136 Stare Biskupice, Stari Biscupici, Staribiscubici, were old names of the village of Biskupin (from various documents referencing the site) Biskupin is a village in the powiat of Szubin/Schubin (Znin) about 3 km to the south west of Gasawa/Gonsawa and 7 km to the south west of Znin, on the south west shore of Lake Biskupie. A Catholic Parish is at Wenecja, with an elementary school, a Post office at Gasawa and a railroad station at Janowice about 17 km distant.  There are 32 homes/farmsteads, 325 inhabitants of which 275 are Catholic and 50 Protestant. It comprises 650 Hectares (518 of tillable land and 48 of meadow); the area of tillable fields is about 16.6 meters and the meadow 9.5 meters above sea level.

Biskupin is the property of the Bishops of Gneizno, confirmed in a Bulla of Innocent IV in the year 1166, and confirmed by King Casimir in 1357.  In 1578 the settlement comprised about 7 ½ slad or 1500 hectares; in the year 1618 there were 4 cultivated łan, 9 empty (not tilled) and 1½ belonging to the village chief (mayor).


After the partition the Prussian authority assumed administrative control of Biskupin in place of the church.  E. Cal.


Source: Slownik Geograficzny Królestwa Polskiego - Warsaw [1890, vol. 11, p.233].


This translation, by Jim Piechorowski, is used by permission.