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Genealogy & Poland on the Internet and elsewhere

Genealogy & Poland on the Internet and elsewhere

Section 1

(collected by Tom Wodzinski, Canberra, AUSTRALIA)


The purpose of this document is to bring together a range of Internet based information sources (as well as any other sources of information) which may be of interest to those with a specific interest in Polish (and related) genealogy. It is hoped that people just starting out in this field will find it a useful starting point.


 A more comprehensive coverage of researching Polish genealogy can be found in the publications listed in section 6 of this document.


Contributions, suggestions or corrections are always welcomed.

This document is sourced from:
a) other FAQs (esp. soc.genealogy.slavic) which may be of direct or indirect relevance;
b) postings to the GENPOL, Poland-Roots-l (and other) Listservs, and Soc.Genealogy.Slavic (and other) newsgroups;
c) E-mailed contributions and suggestions; and
d) just surfing.

Given the dynamic nature of the Internet I do not claim that all of the resources and links identified in this guide are still current. I last checked all the URL's in September 1999.



1.1 Polish Genealogy related sites on the WWW

Federation of East European Family History Societies (FEEFHS)
FEEFHS is probably the best starting point on the Internet for any Eastern European genealogical research, and has a very good cross index of all regions and ethnic groups covered.
Polish Genealogy - Rafal Prinke's Home Page
Currently provides the only (public) surname database on the Internet specialising in Polish surname. As of April 1998, the database had over 12,000 entries.
Where all good GENPOLers and POLAND-ROOTSers should register the surnames that they are researching (and look occasionally). See Section 2 for more details.
PolishRoots® Home page

Polish Genealogical Society of America Home page

Poland GenWeb Home Page
An excellent site on how to get going with your Polish genealogical research wherever you are in the world (within reason!).

Poland Border Surnames Website

Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet - Poland

Polish Genealogical Sources

German Genealogy (2 mirror sites) including Silesia and Sudentenland
Wandering Volhynians - Descendants of Germans from Volhynia and Congress Poland

Internet Sources of German Genealogy

German Genealogy: Translation Service incl. German, Polish, Czech

German Genealogy: Regional Research (incl. Pomerania, Prussia, Silesia, Galicia etc)

German Genealogy Sources in Poland
The Schroeder & Fuelling's WWW site contains two files with approx. 1,400 names of towns in Silesia (Schlesien), Pomerania (Pommern), and Posen (former Eastern Prussian states), and some from East and West Prussia as well, where relevant genealogical records (mainly church and civil records) can be found in Polish archives today.

Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet - Austria

Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet - Germany

Prussian Genealogy

Russian Genealogy (incl Belarus and Ukraine)

Eastern European Genealogical Society

Maps of Europe - University of Texas
Collection of (current and historical) online maps from the University of Texas. Please note that some of these maps are large and you may need some more computer memory.
Maps of Europe - FEEFHS (Federation of East European Family History Societies)
Even more detailed maps than the UTexas collection, covering all of central and eastern Europe. Some require more computer memory but these have good historical data and railroads, mostly from the same 1882 atlas.
The WWW Virtual Library: Russian and East European Studies
This site at the University of Pittsburgh has links to many East European sites.
US National Imagery and Mapping Agency
Online gazetteer incl. Eastern Europe.

Shtetl finder

Online Maps

Russian History

Slovak-World (at Forest Research Institute, Zvolen)

Slovak Roots - Getting Started
This site provides a summary of resources that are available for Eastern Slovakia written and copyrighted by John Hudick. Also contains sections on English/Slovak/Hungarian name translations and template letters and genealogical documents.
Eastern Slovakia, Slovak and Carpatho-Rusyn Genealogy Research
Many helpful links on this page for folks who have Slovakian ancestry. You should also try the following related site.

Carpatho-Rusyn Knowledge Base

Carpatho-Rusyn Genealogy

Czech Republic, Bohemia, and Moravia Genealogy Research

Czech World Gen Web Page (incl Bohemia and Moravia)

List of Villages in Slovakia (long)

Slovak and Czech Translating Services (commercial?)

Czechoslovak Genealogical Society Int'l (CGSI)

Slovak World Gen Page

Lithuania - Network Resources

Lithuanian Genealogical Research

Lutheran Research

Pommeranian related pages:
(Kent Peterson's)
(Pommeranian Society of Freistadt)
(Gunthard Stueb's)
Home page for Kreis Stolp and Kreis Rummelsburg
Pommeranian Maps:
Jewish Genealogy

Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet - Jewish

Jewish FAQ by Warren Blatt

Jewish - Lodz Shtetlinks Home Page

Jewish - Lodz Shtetlinks Home Page
Also useful for those researching non-Jewish ancestors in and around Lodz.
and another Lodz related site

Avotaynu, Inc. Home Page (Jewish Genealogy)

The Aussie Jewish Genealogical site

Ukrainian Genealogy and Heritage Page (also covers Galicia region)
In modern day terms Galicia was, roughly speaking, what now is southeastern Poland and western Ukraine. That area was incorporated into the Austro-Hungarian Empire after Poland was first partitioned in 1772.

Ukrainian World Gen Web Page

Ukarainian Map

Lemko/Rusyn Heritage Page

Veit's Olschinski's Galizien German Genealogy Home page

Belarusan Genealogy

Belarus World Gen Web Page

Belarus, History of

Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet - Eastern Europe

Info about Poznan Archives

Polish Nobility (Zwiazek Szlachty Polskiej)

Polish Nobility Association

West Prussis Land Index of 1772

East European Genealogical Society

Fred Kobylarz's pocket history of Poland

List of the 4000+ Polish officers killed in Katyn

Olaf Schmidt's West Prussian Genealogy page
1.2 Sites which provide a comprehensive list of genealogical resources on the Internet
Cyndi Howell's list of genealogical related sites

RAND Corporation

Infobases World Wide Family History Network

The Genealogy Homepage - at Penn State University

Genealogy Resources on the Internet - by Chris Gaunt and John Fuller

Roots Computing - Genealogy Home Page - by Disk Eastman

Helm's Genealogy Toolbox
1.3 General Internet Search Facilities

Keyword Search Facilities
A sample of some of the many search engines available on the WWW


Keyword Search Facilities - Polish specific
European specific
E-Mail ListServ Search Facilities
Liszt: Searchable Directory of e-Mail Discussion Groups (ListServ's)
Internet E-Mail address locaters
Details are typically extracted from Usenet (i.e. newsgroup) postings, however some allow you to register your details.,12,-0,00,46.html
Newsgroup Search Facilities
Search across virtually all newsgroup items ever posted
Online telephone white and yellow pages

Austrian white pages

Czech Republic white pages

USA telephone white pages

CANADA telephone white pages

Australian white pages

German white pages

France white pages

New Zealand white pages

United Kingdom

Poznan white pages  ** No longer available online

Argentina white pages

1.4 Other sites which may be of interest
Polish Home Page
Official Website of Poland
The Order of the Virtuti Militari and its Cavaliers (1792-1992) - 26,500 names
A site maintained by Prof. Zdzislaw P. Wesolowski, a retired Air Force captain with an interest in Polish Orders, Medals. Badges and Insignia. (
Explore Poland

List of Multimedia Servers in Poland

Polish Network Resources Database

Poniecki Foundation

Polish Connections
Canada -
BMBank information on all 48 Polish Wojewodztwa (provinces)
Information provided includes a map (without roads and railways) and a list of the districts (2286 in total) with post-codes, telephone area-codes etc.
The official website of Polish Postal Service that allows searching of postal codes

Library of Congress - LC Online Catalog

Australian National Archives Home Page

Cyndi Howell's list of Australian and New Zealand genealogical related sites

Cyndi Howell's list of USA genealogical related sites

Immigrant Ship Transcribers Guild

Family History Centre (FHC) Web Site

The Library of Congress has a web page devoted to preservation of documents, photos, newspapers


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