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Genealogy & Poland on the Internet and elsewhere

Genealogy & Poland on the Internet and elsewhere


Sections 5-9
(collected by
Tom Wodzinski, Canberra, AUSTRALIA)



The purpose of this document is to bring together a range of Internet based information sources (as well as any other sources of information) which may be of interest to those with a specific interest in Polish (and related) genealogy. It is hoped that people just starting out in this field will find it a useful starting point.

A more comprehensive coverage of researching Polish genealogy can be found in the publications listed in section 6 of this document.


Contributions, suggestions or corrections are always welcomed.


This document is sourced from:
a) other FAQs (esp. soc.genealogy.slavic) which may be of direct or indirect relevance;
b) postings to the GENPOL, Poland-Roots-l (and other) Listservs, and Soc.Genealogy.Slavic (and other) newsgroups;
c) E-mailed contributions and suggestions; and
d) just surfing.

Given the dynamic nature of the Internet I do not claim that all of the resources and links identified in this guide are still current. I last checked all the URL's in September 1999.



Home Pages of Polish Libraries

Biblioteka Polska, Washington D.C.


Extensive list of Genealogy Bookstores on the Internet

Genealogy Unlimited

Their advertising states:
"Modern atlases of Germany, Britain, and Czech and Slovak Republics (1:200,000); Baltic States, Hungary, Italy, and Poland (1:300,000); Slovak Republic (1:100,000); and Russia (scale varies from 1:300,000 to 1:4,000,000). Modern sectional maps of Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, and Switzerland. Pre-World War II topographic maps of Prussia/Poland and the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Nineteenth century Victorian Ordnance Survey (topographic) maps of England, Wales, and Scotland. Books about research in Germany, Eastern Europe, United Kingdom, Scandinavia, Canada, and the United States. Archival poly photo/document protectors (variety of sizes), acid-free binders, pens, forms, and paper. Also miscellaneous supplies."

Frontier Press Bookstore

There is a Polish bookstore in Kraków that sells via internet.

Polish Bookstore in Ottawa

Polonia Bookstore
4738 N. Milwaukee Avenue
Chicago, IL 60630
312-481-6972 fax

Directory of Polish bookstores (in Poland) on the Internet

Generations Press
A genealogical publishing company specializing in Jewish genealogy, Southern California resources, immigration research, and historic map reproductions. Generations Press sells reproductions of city and town plans for 10 Polish cities from the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

You should also try the standard online bookstores eg Amazon, Barnes and Noble etc etc

A very small sample of what's available. Many of the more recent publications (by Chorzempa, Hoskins, Hoffman, Obal, Peckwas) contain extensive bibliographies. To purchase those that are currently in print, you can try the online Genealogy bookstore listed above (there are bound to be others).


"Genealogical Guide to German Ancestors from East Germany and Eastern Europe",

1984, translated by Joachim O.R. Nuthack and Adalbert Goertz,

Verlag Degener & Co. ISBN 3-7686-1029-2

Provides a survey of Eastern European sources including church records. Brief histories explain each region.

Baxter, Angus

"In Search of Your European Roots: a complete guide to tracing your ancestors in every country in Europe",

Baltimore, MD: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1994, ISBN 0-8063-1446-X

Bentz, Edna M.

"If I can you can decipher Germanic records"

13139 Old West Ave. San Diego CA 92129 USA

1982. ISBN 0-9615420-0-4, 85 pages

De Bray, R.G.A.

"Guide to the Slavonic Languages",

London: J.M. Dent & Sons, 1969 ISBN 460 03913 X

Chorzempa, Rosemary A.

"Korzenie Polskie - Polish Roots",

Genealogical Publishing Company, Inc.,

1001 N. Calvert Street, Baltimore, MD 21202, (1993).

ISBN 0-80633-1378-1 242 + xxii pages

(****** A good book for anyone starting out ******)

Chorzempa, Rosemary & Helon, George Wieslaw, ed.

"Index to the Newsletters, Journals, and Bulletins of the

Polish Genealogical Society of America, 1979-1993",

Polish Genealogical Society of America, Chicago, 1994.

Chorzempa, Rosemary A.

"Morbus: Why and how our ancestors died: A genealogist's dictionary of terms found in vital records with descrriptions of the diseases as they relate to the health of our ancestors"

Polish Genealogical Society of America,

984 N. Milwaukee Ave. Chicago, IL 60622

1991. 16 pages

Frazin, Judith R.

"A Translation Guide to 19th-Century Polish-Language

Civil-Registration Documents (Birth, Marriage and Death Records)",

Jewish Genealogical Society of Illinois,

1025 Antique Lane, Northbrook, IL 60062, 1989.

Gnacinski, Jan and Len

"Polish and Proud -Tracing Your Polish Ancestry",

Ye Olde Genealogie Shoppe, 9605 Vandergriff Road,

Indianapolis, IN 46239, (1979) 1983.

Hartig, Mary Swiatek

"Polish Surname Directory - An Inventory of those Researching Polish Ancestry",

Polish Surname Network, 158 South Walter Avenue,

Newbury Park, CA 91320, Volume 1, 1992/1993, 1992.

Hoffman, William F.

"Polish Surnames: Origins and Meanings",

Polish Genealogical Society of America,

984 North Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago, IL 60622, (1997)

ISBN 09-24207-00-0 295 + viii pages

(****** A good book for anyone starting out ******)

Hoskins, Janina W.

"Polish Genealogy & Heraldry: An Introduction to Research",

Hippocrene Books, 171 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10016, (1987) 1990.

Also contains an extensive genealogical (and related areas) bibliography, most of them in the Library of Congress, in Washington, D.C.

Lenius, Brian J.

"Accessible Vital records for Jews, Germans, Ukrainians, and Poles in Galicia, Volhynia, Lithuania and Latvia: A second Zabuzanski Collection"

East European Genealogist, Vol 3, No. 4 June 1995

publ. East European Branch of MGS, PO Box 2536 Winnipeg,

Manitoba R3C 4A7, Canada

Lenius, Brian J.

"Genealogical Gazetteer of Galicia"

Brian J. Lenius
Box 58, Grp.328, RR#3
Selkirk, Manitoba
Canada  R1A 2A8

Information sheet/order form on-line

1993 376 + ii pages

Litak, Stanislaw

"The Latin Church in the Polish Commonwealth in 1772 - A Map and Index of Localities",

The Polish Genealogical Society of America,

984 North Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago, IL 60622, 1990

42 + x pages (plus 24 fold out maps)

Mokotoff, Gary & Sack, Sallyann Amdur

"Where Once We Walked - A Guide to Jewish Communities Destroyed in the Holocaust",

Genealogy Unlimted Bookstore descibed the book as follows: "This gazetteer documents more than 21,000 towns in Central and Eastern Europe where Jews lived before the Holocaust, listing more than 15,000 alternate town names. It will help researchers (Jews and non-Jews) who are trying to locate towns in Austria, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia (now the Czech and Slovak Republics), Germany, Greece, Hungary, Poland, Romania, areas formerly in Yugoslavia, Byelorussia (now Belarus), Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldavia, and Ukraine. The main index pinpoints each town's location by providing the exact latitude and longitude and its direction and distance from the closest major city. A soundex listing of all town names is provided for readers who do not know the exact spelling of a town name."

Mullerowa, Lidia

"Roman Catholic Parishes in the Polish Peoples Republic in 1984"

The Polish Genealogical Society of America,

984 North Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago, IL 60622, 1995

ISBN 0-924207-02-7 164 + xii pages

Newman, John J.

"American Naturalization Processes and Procedures - 1790 - 1985",

Family History Section, Indiana Historical Society,

Indianapolis, 1985

Obal, Thaddeus J.

"A Bibliography for Genealogical Research Involving Polish Ancestry",

Hillsdale, New Jersey: Obal, 1978.

Obal has self-published a few books on Polish genealogy, including lists of surnames, etc. His address (in 1978) was 739 Hillsdale Avenue, Hillsdale, NJ 07642 U.S.A. The book listed is a good list of sources.

Ortell, Gerald A.

"Polish Parish Records of the Roman Catholic Church - Their Use and Understanding in Genealogical Research"

Polish Genealogical Society of America

P.O. Box 537, Orem, Utah, 84059-0537, (1979, 1983, 1984, 1989, 1996).

(****** A good book for anyone starting out ******)

Peckwas, Edward A.

"Register of vital records of Roman Catholic parishes from the region beyond the Bug river"

The Polish Genealogical Society of America,

984 North Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago, IL 60622, 1984.

44 pages

Peckwas, Edward A.

"A Historical Bibliography of Polish, Towns, Villages, and Regions (except Warsaw and Cracow)",

The Polish Genealogical Society of America,

984 North Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago, IL 60622, 1990.

103 pages

Prinke, Rafal.

"Poradnik genealoga amatora"

"Records of Genealogical Value for Poland",

The Genealogical Department of The Church of The Latter-day Saints,

50 East North Temple Street, Salt Lake City, Utah 84150, (1978) 1983.

Rymut, Prof. Kazimierz


[Dictionary of Surnames Currently Used in Poland] includes 37 million of that nation's 40 million population in 1990. Published in Krakow between 1992 and 1994 by the Polska Akademia Nauk - Instytut Jezyka Polskiego [Polish Academy of Sciences - Polish Language Institute], the 10-volume work covers over 607,000 surnames!

Listings show the number of persons bearing that particular surname in Poland in 1990, followed by their location ONLY BY PROVINCE among Poland's 49 provinces [wojewodztwa]. The listings DO NOT show given names or location by city, town or village.

Schlyter, Daniel M.

"Essentials in Polish Genealogical Research",

The Polish Genealogical Society of America,

984 North Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago, IL 60622, (1993).

12 pages

Shea, Jonathan D

"Russian Language Documents from Russian Poland - A Translation Manual for Genealologists",

ISBN 0-912811-05-06 75 + ii pages

(*** A useful book for anyone trying to interpret Civil records after 1868 in the Russian partition of Poland ****


Shea, Jonathan D. & Hoffman, William F.

"Following the Paper Trail: A Multilingual Translation Guide",

ISBN 0-9626373-4-3 241 pages

Avaiable from Avotaynu at

Tymieniecki, K (editor)

"History of Polish Pomerania"

Published in English in Poznan in 1929 by the Society of Lovers of History. It is over 180 pages in length. It discusses the history of the area known since the Partitions as East and West Prussia, as well as some of the adjoining regions.

Weiner, Miriam

"Jewish Roots in Poland"


Wellauer, Maralyn A.

"Tracing Your Polish Roots,"

Published by the Author, 3239 N. 58th Street,

Milwaukee, WI 53216, (1979) 1985.
Anuta, Michael (c1983) Ships of our Ancestors. Genealogical Publishing Co.,

1001 N. Calvert St., Baltimore, MD 21202

Allen, Morton (c1931) Directory of European Passenger Steamship Arrivals.

reprinted by Genealogical Publishing Co.

Colletta, John P. They Came In Ships, A Guide to Finding Your Immigrant

Ancestor's Arrival Records. Ancestry, Inc., Box 476, Salt Lake City, UT

Smith, Eugene (c 1978) Passenger Ships of the World, Past and Present.

George H. Deane Company, Boston, MA

(NB This is obviously not a complete list rather a sample with which to start your research)
Gorzynski, Slawomir & Kochanowski, Jerzy
"Herby Szlachty Polskiej",
Warsaw, 1992 Illustrates and discusses 151 coats of arms.

In a posting to GenPol on 21 June 1996, David Zincavage wrote:
"It lists 143 of the best known and largest noble clans and their coats of arms. The illustrations are more attractively drawn than those in the earlier books, and they are "tricked," i.e. the colors are indicated by various kinds of shading. It provides a written description of the arms, and a list of their variations. Some families belonging to a clan do difference their arms. Finally, it provides the most complete compilation of surnames of families belonging to the 143 herb-s listed, to date."

Niesiecki, Kasper
"Herbarz Polski", Reprint of 1839-1846 edition.
Warsaw: Wydawnictwa Artystczne i Filmowe, 1979. 10 volumes.
The most comprehensive Polish armorial. Originally published in 1845, reprinted in 1979 and 1995. Two volumes listing family names and describing the coats of arms of each. Only a few are illustrated.

In a posting to GenPol on 21 June 1996, David Zincavage wrote:

"Casper Niesiecki's HERBARZ POLSKI [POLISH ARMORIAL] appeared originally under the title KORONA POLSKA [THE POLISH CROWN] in four volumes published in Lwow 1728-1744. It is better known from the second addition published at Leipzig in 10 volumes 1839-1846 with a added material by Krasicki and incorporating an addendum. The second edition has been reprinted in recent years. It is probably still possible to purchase it.
 Niesiecki constitutes the watershed in Polish heraldry between the early and the modern authorities. He may be viewed himself as the first of the former. Earlier authors dealt with fewer families, and organized their material by herb-s with the families being discussed under the heading of the various clans/coats-of-arms. The herb-s were arranged in the order of their supposed chronology. The most important earlier authorities were Jan Dl/ugosz the 15th century chronicler, Paprocki from the next century, and Okolski and Kojal/owicz from the 1600s.
 Father Niesiecki includes the substance of the earlier authors. His armorial is considerably easier to use as families and herb-s are listed in alphabetical order.
 The 2nd edition incorporated heraldic information, or at least lists of noble families and their arms, published subsequent to Niesiecki's first edition, by Piotr Nal/e,cz-Mal/achowski and Ewaryst Andrzej Kuropatnicki. The contributions to the literature by the latter two authors are of great significance as they attempted to list a great many less prominent families than did their predecessors. The Polish and Lithuanian nobility continually threw off branches of noble families with later patronymic surnames or locational surnames referring to estates acquired at later dates. Most of the noble estate, it should be unnecessary to observe, did not consist of the great families of the 1400s and 1500s, and even families which actually - in reality- descended from these, generally had acquired different names in the cadet branches."

Stupnicki, Hipolit
"Herbarz polski i imionospis zasluzonych w Polsce ludzi wszystkich stanów i czasów",
Originally published in 1855, this supplements Niesiecki's work.

In a posting to GenPol on 21 June 1996, David Zincavage wrote:
"This is a 3 volume work compiled by Hippolit Stupnicki, and for themost part consists of an abridgement of the 2nd edition of Niesiecki. Still, now and then, Stupnicki lists a family not found in Niesiecki. There was a reprint (with all three volmues bound in one) in recent years, and this is probably still available."

Zychlinski, Teodor
"Zlota Ksiega Szlachty Polskiej",
Poznan, 1879-1907. 30 volumes.
Basic reference work on Polish nobility.


Hollowak, Thomas L. & William F. Hoffman.
"Index to the Obituaries and Death Notices Appearing in the 'Dziennik Chicagoski'.", Chicago: Polish Genealogical Society, 1984-1991.
Covers 1890-1929 in 5 volumes. Copies of Dziennik Chicagoski available at the library of the Polish Museum of America.
"Poles of Chicago, 1837-1937",
Chicago: Polish Pageant, Inc., c1937. Biographical sketches.
"Polish Directory for the City of Chicago, 1903",
(Reprint) Chicago: Polish Genealogical Society, 1981.

Wytrwal, Joseph A

"America's Polish Heritage A Social History of the Poles in America"

published by the Endurance Press Detroit, Michigan 1961

Table of Contents includes Poland:Historical Background, Pioneer Polish Immigrants 1608-1776, Political Immigrants 1776-1870, Economic Emigration 1870-1929, Causes for Polish Emigration to America, The Organization of Poles in America, Activities of the Polish National Alliance, Activities of the Polish Roman Catholic Union, The PNA and PRCU Compared, Dissolution and Asseveration, American Polonia During World War II, Polish-American Cultural Relationships, Jamestown Revisited

Most of the the following list of periodicals was contained in a Nov 1996 GenPol posting by David Zincavage. The others come from details at


"Alleum" Genealogical Archives


WROCLAW 2, PO Box 312


---------publishes GALICIA

$25 per annum.

specialises in Galician Genealogy.



2025 "O" Street, N.W.

Washington, DC 20036

202 785-2320

202 785-2159 facsimile

publishes CENTERLINE

$50 for membership

Not to be confused with AIPC (see below). Apparently, this organization maintains a building in DC used for Polish cultural events.



1440 79th Street Causeway

Miami, Florida 33141

305 864-2349

-sells books

publishes: GOOD NEWS (better than it sounds)


$20 per year includes subscription

-good source of books. Members get a 20% discount.



155 N. Washington Avenue

Bergenfield, NJ 07621

201 387-7200

201 387-2855 fax

-sells books

$29 per year subscription

-Quarterly Review of Jewish Genealogy. Excellent information much of which is relevant to Polish, Lithuanian, and Ukrainian research as well.


Lithuanian Heritage Products and Services


368 West Broadway

South Boston, MA 02127

617 269-4455

-sells books.

-These guys send out a catalogue printed in 1979, with a price list printed in 1991. Much of what is in the catalogue is no longer available. They sell Lithuanian kitsch, books, music, and even food items.




P.O. Box 2536

Winnipeg, Manitoba


Quarterly Newsletter

Membership - $12



Federation of East European Family History Societies

Charles M. Hall


P.O. Box 21346

Salt Lake City, UT 81421-0346

Membership $15

This organization is quite active, and its list of member organizations can be helpful.



[Bridge to Galicia]

Jewish Special Interest Group

Shelley K. Pollero

549 Cypress Lane

Severna Park, MD 21146

publishes a quarterly: THE GALIZIANER

dues: $20 US, $27 outside US.



ul. Wiolinowa 7/23

02-789 WARZAWA


-No reply to letter of inquiry.



(Belorussian Nobility Association)

Post Office Box 212

Minsk - 102, a.c. 212

220 102 BELARUS

See PGSA Journal "Rodziny," November, 1994 issue for

photocopy-able Cyrillic address.

Annual Bulletin of around 40 pages, published in 1993 and 1994, so far. Table of contents also printed in English.

I suggest sending $20 for a membership.



15 East 65th Street

New York, NY 10021-6595

212 734-2130

212 628-4552 fax

-sells books

$50 per year membership

-Expensive, but the money goes to support Polish cultural activities, including concerts, exhibitions, and even debutante balls.



[Royal Lithuanian Nobility Association]

Dr. Jonas Stankus

B. Sruogas 36-20



I have forgotten what the dues actually are these days.

Two issues of the newsletter have appeared. At this point, only the table of contents is usually printed in English. Perhaps as the organization grows, one day there will be an English language edition.



6500 South Pulaski Road

Chicago, IL 60629

312 582-6500

previously quarterly, now biannual

$10 for subscription to GENEALOGIJA

-The Lithuanian American Genealogy Society is simply the Balzekas Museum of Lithuanian Culture by another name. A subscription costs $10. The "Limited Membership" at $15 allows you to list the surnames you are researching.



Baltech Publishing

P.O. Box 225

Lemont, IL 60439

Bimonthly -$29.95 per annum

-A well-produced publication. Highly recommended.



984 North Milwaukee Avenue

Chicago, IL 60622-4199

publishes: BULLETIN -January, April, July, October

Journal "Rodziny" - May and November

sells books


US - $15 per year

Canada - US$20 per year airmail postage

-highly recommended.



Postal Address


P. O. Box 713

Midway City, California 92655-0713

Publication: Quarterly PGSC Bulletin


Individual - US$20.00 per year

Family - US$30.00 per year.



906 College Avenue

Cleveland, Ohio 44113-

Publication: Quarterly Our Polish Ancestors, 10-14 pages

Membership: US$20.00 per year



Postal Address

P. O. Box 381

Northhampton, MA 01061-0381

Publications: Semiannual Newsletter: Biuletyn Korzenie (Polish title; in English = Roots Bulletin)

Scope of Interest: Historic Poland to its outer limits (i.e. all three partitions: Austrian, German & Russian).

Membership: US$10.00 per year or US$17.00 per two years

Calendar year membership, begins 01 January.



Postal Address

c/o Burton Historical Collection

Detroit Public Library

5201 Woodward Street

Detroit, Michigan 48202-4007

Journal: Eaglet (three issues per year)


* Single Adult - US$15.00 per year

* Family - US$20.00 per year

* US$5.50 surcharge for Canadian postage



P. O. Box 16069

5768 Olson Memorial Highway

Golden Valley MN 55422

Publications: Quarterly PGSMn Newsletter

Membership: US$10.00 per year.




8 Lyle Road

New Britain, CT 06053-2104


$15 per year including subscription - magazine is worthwhile.



Postal Address

15917 Juneau,


Tx 77040-2155

publishes: POLISH FOOTPRINTS 3 times a year

annual dues at $15

They also publish a SURNAME INDEX annually which is included in the annual fee



Postal Address

299 Barnard Street

Buffalo, New York 14206-3212


* Searchers (two newsletter issues per year)

* PGSWNY Bulletin (One page bulletin issues on the off quarter)


* U.S. - US$15.00 per year

* Canada and Overseas - US$18.00 per year



** Need to double check this address ! **

Postal Address

P. O. Box 342341

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53234-2341

Publication: Quarterly Newsletter: Korzenie (Polish title; in English=Roots).


* USA - US$8.00 per year

* Canadian - US$9.00 per year.



American Council for Polish Culture

Henrietta Nowakowski

Business Manager

23354 Longview

Dearborn Heights, MI 48127

Quarterly - $10 per annum, includes membership

-Although chiefly Polish news, it is cheap and reviews books.



Villa Anneslie

529 Dunkirk Road

Anneslie, MD 21212-2014

$15 Newsletter

$25 Membership including subscription



for Jewish Genealogists

Marlene Silverman, Ph.D.

3701 Connecticut Avenue, N.W. No. 228

Washington, D.C. 20008

publishes a quarterly LANDSMEN

$22 Subscription

Indispensable for Jewish researchers from these gubernias.

Some information of general interest.



(Genealogy-Heraldry Association)

Wodna 27

Palac Gorkow

61-781 POZNAN


publishes: GENS (mostly in Polish)

$15 membership

$10 subscription



R.R. #2

Cochrane, Alberta


(Walter Rusel, President)

Quarterly Newsletter

$15US Membership



Pismo Srodowiska Szlachieckiego

[Journal of the Noble Estate]

81-701 Sopot 1,

Skr. Poczt 79


published irregularly - $3 an issue when one is received.

Back issues are available at the same price. Nos. 1 and 3/4 are out-of-print. 5/6 and 9/10 are double issues. The last appeared in 1995.


Stanislawski, J.
"Angielsko-Polski i Polsko-Angielski Slowniki" =
English-Polish and Polish English Dictionary,
New York: David Mckay, 1985.

"Slownik geograficzny Krolestwa Polskiego",

The editor was Filip Sulimierski.

This 15-volume set is a reprint of a geographical dictionary published from 1880-1902, so it lists towns and cities under the names used at that time, just before the period of heaviest emigration to the United States. It is in Polish, and there are often several towns with the same name, but it gives some detailed information about churches and populations that would be helpful.

In a posting to Genpol on 11 April 1997 Michael Korgie

( wrote:

"The fifteen volumes are available on microfilm from the LDS Family History Centers, film numbers 920957 through 920972....There is also a private firm that is willing to sell the film itself....six rolls at $75 a roll (too much for me!)

Also the PGSA is willing to provide copies for requested locations for a $5 donation. They request that you be as specific as possible about the location as there are often several locations with the same name. Requests can be sent to PGSA, 984 North Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago IL 60622 (make checks out to PGSA). In all cases, the copies are in Polish."

Volume No. Towns Included Microfilm No.

1 Aa - Dereneczna 920957

2 Derenek - Gzack 920958

3 Haag - Ke~py 920959

4 Ke~s - Kutno 920960

5 Kutowa - Malczyce 920961

6 Malczyce - Netreba 920962

7 Netrebka - Perepia~t 920963

8 Perepiatycha - Pozas~cie 920964

9 Poz~as~cie - Ruksze 920965

10 Rukszenice - Sochaczew 920966

11 Sochaczew - Szlurbowska 920967

12 Szlurpiszki - Warl~ynka 920968

13 Warmbrunn - Worowo 920969

14 Worowo - Z~yz~yn 920970

15/part 1 Ababi - Janus (addendum) 920971

15/part 2 Januszpol - Wola 920972

(Sniatyn - Wola not yet included in microfilm 920972)

Note: In the above, z~ refers to z, dot above.

Pogonowski, Iwo.

"Poland: a historical atlas",

Gives an outline of changes in Poland's borders over the centuries.

Topographical maps of Poland produced by the U.S. Army Map Service.

These maps housed in the Map Collection at the Science and Engineering Library, at Capen Hall, have a scale of 1:250,000, so 4 miles of land looks like about an inch. They were produced from the 1940s to 1960s. Gazetteers help you find particular towns on a map. They are also housed at the Univ. of Buffalo, Amherst Campus.

"Slownik nazw geograficznych Polski zachodniej i polnocnej:,

Two volumes. Translates Polish place names to German, and vice versa.

Bialecki, Tadeusz

"Nazewnictwo geograficzne miasta Szczecina",

Lists geographic names in German and Polish in the Szczecin area.

Hrabec, Stefan

"Nazwy dzielnic i okolic Gdanska",

Lists German and Polish geographic names in the Gdansk region.

Modern gazetteer of Poland

"Spis miejscowosci Polskiej Rzeczypospolitej Ludowej", Warsaw 1968.

It is available through the Family History Library, Ref 943.8 E5s, also on FHL microfilm #844,922.


For maps of Poland, old and new, a good source is Genealogy Unlimited, Inc.

P.O. Box 537

Orem, Utah, 84059-0537

Telephone: (800) 763-7182

eMail address:

WWW Web Site URL:

e.g. Polish atlas published by RV Verlag in Germany entitled "Polska—Atlas Drogowy (1:200,000), 1997 ed. It has 367 + xvii pp, a 77-page town-name index, 13 city maps (1:100,000, and 65 city maps (1:20,000).

Detailed Maps of Poland, Germany and others for sale

(Poland and Germany have 1:100000 scale available)

Polish Museum in Rappersville - 16th an 17th Century Maps of Poland

Maps of Europe - University of Texas

Collection of online maps from the University of Texas. Please note that some of these maps are large and you may need some memory. These maps are (relatively) current and may not be useful for historical searches.

Maps of Europe - FEEFHS (Federation of East European Family History


Even more detailed maps than the UTexas collection, covering all of central and eastern Europe. Some require more computer memory but these have good historical data and railroads, mostly from the same 1882 atlas.

US National Imagery and Mapping Agency

Online gazeteer incl. Eastern Europe

For a comprehensive list of "Maps, Gazetteers & Geographical Information" sites

In a posting to GenPol on 5 Nov 1996 Tom Milke wrote:

"The University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee has an excellent map library. They have a cartographic center (The American Geographical Society collection) with a super librarian named Ms Jovanka Ristic. I obtained Polish and German maps of the area around Znin for a very reasonable price. I'd call first. The number in July was 414.229.6282"

In a posting to GenPol on 12 Nov 1996 Tom Milke wrote:

"You can't find that tiny village on any of your maps? You might start with the Interactive Atlas at Click on the interactive atlas, enter Poland as the country and your town name in the appropriate box. It located some pretty small towns and put a little star on the map. The map prints nicely on color printers and you can cut it you your files for personal use. You can change the scale and putz with the options. I liked it."

Gemeindelexikon fur das Konigreich Preusen

(Gazetteer for the Kingdom of Prussia) published in 1905

It is divided into the historic provinces (for example there are volumes for Ostpreussen (East Prussia) and WestPreussen (West Prussia) among others. Each volume has an alphabetical index. It will also furnish the County the village is located in and the Roman Catholic and Evangelical Church for each village contained.

In a posting to Prussia-Roots-l on 8 Aug 1997 Cathy Vaughan wrote:

"Here is a reference book that I have found extremely useful. It is typewritten and in english.

Gazetteer of Parish and Civil Jurisdictions in East Prussia by Stephen S.


LDS Family History Library Film #1183589

This film can be ordered through your local LDS family history center. It lists every East Prussian town, village, etc. alphabetically and gives the location of both the Protestant and Catholic parishes for the town as well as the location of the civil registry. It also lists each parish, civil registry and kreis and the towns located within the boundaries of each. Also included is a "reversed" alphabetical listing of every town (in case part of a record is illegible and you know the last letters of a town, but not the first, it can help you determine the town name.) I have found it very helpful and hope you will too."

In a posting to GenPol on 4 Sep 1997 Dan Solarek ( wrote:

> Hi !

> Does anyone know if there is available through the internet a complete listing of all the pre-Second World War districts (powiatowy) of Poland and the provinces they were part of. I am currently working on a survey of Polish War Graves in Scotland and trying to identify the places of birth of these soldiers.

Try the Poland Gen Web site:

There are several maps which may help your efforts.

-Dan Solarek

In a posting to GenPol on 7 Aug 1997 Paul Binkowski ( wrote:

"In my quest for Polish maps, I contacted the Polish embassy. They suggested the following two vendors:

Polish Cartographic Enterprises

/Polskie Przedsibiorstwo Wydawnictw Kartograficznych/

Solec 18

00-419 Warszawa, Poland

ph:/4822/ 628-3251


or you can write:

4583 Clark Rd., Suite B

Sarasota, FL 34233-3423

ph: /941/ 927-8873

fax: /941/ 927-8239

Just thought I would pass these on."



Polish World-Computers & Internet



Please refer to the following sites for current details on the various Polish genealogy societies within and outside the USA.

Federation of East European Family History Societies (FEEFHS)


Polish Genealogical Society of America

Details on other related genealogical societies e.g. Baltic nations, Kashubian, Galician, can be found at :

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