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Polish Landowners

This database was created by Logan Kleinwaks from the Digital Library of Wielkopolska publication "Spis alfabetyczny obywateli ziemskich Królestwa Polskiego ze wskazaniem ostatniej stacji pocztowej" ["Alphabetical list of the landowners of the Kingdom of Poland with the listing of their last post office"], published in Polish in Warszawa by E. Skowroński in 1909. This directory is available online in (non-searchable) DjVu format from the Digital Library of Wielkopolska at

Each entry describes the properties owned by a landowner or by multiple landowners with the same surname who jointly own property, according to the following fields:

  • Surname -- the surname of the landowner(s) or "PEŁNOMOCNIK WŁAŚCICIELA" ["PLENIPOTENTIARY OF OWNER"]
  • Given Name(s) -- the given name(s) of the landowner(s)
  • Properties -- the location or locations of the properties (usually, town names) -- multiple locations for the same entry are separated by /
  • Gubernia -- the gubernia of the Kingdom of Poland in which the properties were located (Kal, Kaliska for Kalisz; Kiel, Kielec for Kielce; Lom, Lomz for Łomża; Lub, Lubel for Lublin; Piotr, Piotrk for Piotrkow; Ploc, Płocka, Płockj for Płock; Rad for Radom; Siedl for Siedlce; Suw, Suwal for Suwałki; Warsz for Warszawa)
  • Last Post Office -- town of the last (not necessarily nearest?) post office

Data compiled by Logan Kleinwaks


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Copyright © 2006 Logan Kleinwaks. All rights reserved. Used by Permission.

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