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1907 Kraków City Directory

This searchable database of about 25,000 Kraków inhabitants has been compiled from information taken from a directory for Kraków published in 1907 (Wielka księga adresowa Krakowa i Podgorza). Each entry comprises surname, first names (and titles), occupation and street address. As the entries are in Polish, surnames and occupations occur as appropriate in their masculine and feminine forms. To make effective use of the database you are encouraged to use wild cards for searching (e.g. Kowalsk will retrieve Kowalski and Kowalska). Accents have been removed to make searching easier. Sadly some pages are missing. This particularly affects those interested in surnames beginning Sk- to Sz- and many commencing Ś…


A useful guide to translating the occupations into English can be found at


A full copy of the directory comprising data not only on individuals but also on organizations, officials, and activities in the city can be consulted on LDS microfilm # 1045357. If you are interested in the Jewish inhabitants of Kraków, JewishGenWeb hosts several searchable databases of Jewish householders which can be found at


A list of Representatives to the Provincial or Federal governments has also been compiled from the 1907 directory and is available here at PolishRoots.

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Galician National Representatives
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