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Hamburg: European Rates of Fare

Instructions for use of the European Rates of Fare Pages


Read these instructions to best use the photographic pages posted here for Hamburg-American Line, Hamburg American Packet Co.: European Rates of Fare from the Interior of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, to Hamburg and Havre: In Connection with Prepaid Passages by the Steamships of the Hamburg American Packet Company, January, 1885, No. 20, New York, Chicago: C. B. Richard & Co., General Passenger Agents of the Hamburg American Packet Co., [1885], 50 pp.


The list, which is in alphabetical order, does not contain every location in these countries, only every location with a railway station. The alphabetical order is affected by the presence of the umlaut; thus, names containing the umlaut vowels ä, ö, and ü, which can also legitimately be spelled ae, oe, and ue, respectively, are alphabetized as if they were spelled with the extra e instead of the umlaut symbol. The German "scharfes s" [ß] is always rendered as "ss."


Each entry for the total 8,527 locations lists the name of the railway station, followed in German by the province or principality in Germany, or sometimes even the Administrative District. For Austria, the province is listed. Bosnia and Croatia are included. For Switzerland, the canton is listed and the fact that the location (in German) is in Switzerland. For Hungary, the county is listed and the fact that the location is in Hungary. One great advantage is to be able to identify the location by the name used at the time and to locate the place in the intermediate jurisdiction, smaller than the country.


The first column lists the location. The next column lists the price of such rail carriage to Hamburg, third class, in U. S. dollars. Not every listing has an entry because, in some cases, the researcher must look in the last column to find the charge for rail carriage to le Havre, identified as Havre in the list, also at the third class rate. A few locations provide the price for carriage to both locations. There are two sets of columns on each page.


For a fuller discussion, see the article, “The Rich Ones Rode in Third Class Railway Cars to Hamburg or le Havre!” by Edward David Luft, in the September 2008 issue of GenDobry!


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 Hamburg: European Rates of Fare

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