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Galician Records - Greek Catholic

This following list of records is available from AGAD (Archiwum Glowne Akt Dawnych), the Polish National Archives branch responsible for old documents.

How to Use SEZAM

The SEZAM Database of the Polish State Archives is a great tool to locate holdings of many of the Archives within the current boundaries of Poland.



1- Enter the town name you are searching in Title of Fond/Name of Creator: box.

2- To limit the search to Greek Catholic records, enter greckokatolickie after the and where you entered the town name. 

3- Select urzędy stanu cywilnego i akta metrykalne in the Category: drop-down list


This will bring up all holdings, regardless of the Archive, for the specified town.  It is also possible to broaden a search by entering the name of the district to see what holdings exist for adjoining locales.


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