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Kleszczowo (Poznan)

All Saints Parish

The parish was mentioned first in 1404. The first church was erected about 1292. In 1638 the church was in ruins. At present, the name of the church is All Saints and was rebuild between 1760-1762 by father Lukasz Lubaszewski (pastor from Czerlejna) and Adam Skarbek-Malczewski who was the district foreman of Kleszczewo. The first church was constructed from wood and the roof was done from wooden shingles (gonty). The west vestibule was constructed like a pillar two stories high. On the south was a new vestibule. The church was restored in 1843 and again in 1861; new paintings exist from 1956. After 1956, the inside ceiling was covered with plaster. In the church there are three altars from 1760-1770. The pulpit was full of elaborate decorations (Rococo) that was done between 1760-1770. The church bells were from the XVI century. Between 1763-1777 the parish was temperarly annexed to Czerlejna.


Parish village communities: Kleszczowo, Kleszczowo Kolonia, Lipowice, Nagradowice


Source: Poznan Archdiocese Directory (1960?)


Submitted/Translated by: Rose Szczech (May 1997)