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"List of fees for conferences and contributions to the church in the parish of St. Jacek in Lackawanna, NY, in the year 1915."


The following database is derived from an original booklet donated to PolishRoots by the Albert Wojciech and Kathryn Frances (Toczek) Gasiewicz family of Lackawanna, NY. This family has been instrumental for years in promoting knowledge of Polonia in Western New York and through their gift, continue to do so through PolishRoots and the Internet. We would like to add additional information about this parish for our viewers, so if you have additional information about Sw. Jacka in Lackawanna, NY, please send it to PolishRoots.


PolishRoots would like to thank Henry, Thaddeus, Sigmund, Leonard, Bernard, Genevieve, Sabina, and Regina Gasiewicz for their kindness.


Please consider making similar donations of materials to PolishRoots as we are always in need of primary sources to help our researchers understand the rich life of Polonia in North America and wherever Poles settled. 

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